Strawberry Date Brownies

strawberry date brownies by Chef Stuart O'Keeffe

WHO’S FOR “DATES” ON THE BIGGEST “DATE” DAY OF THE YEAR? My friend has a darling little girl who has completely stolen my heart.  Since Valentine’s Day is around the corner, I was inspired to make these brownies for her. While she didn’t know it at the time that I was making these Strawberry Date […]

Creamy California Dates and Bacon Dip

As an ambassador for California dates I am always trying to figure out new fun ways of creating recipes using this wonderful fruit. I used to always stuff dates with goats cheese and wrap in bacon, I just love it so much. It’s a classic combination of flavors, and it got me thinking.  Why not turn […]

Date and Peach Clafoutis

This is such a nice twist on a classic. As the pie bakes it softens the dates giving them a nice toffee chewy texture and taste.