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Stuart here! Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out my many yummy recipes. I’m all about getting your quick fix in the kitchen so that you can spend more time at the table enjoying your delicious creation with those you love. If this sounds like your cup of tea, read on…

It was as a child in my mother’s Irish kitchen that I learned early on what it meant to put your heart into your cooking. Fascinated with all that it took to construct a meal, I would watch her create these fantastic dishes in a quick, simple manner. I fell in love with the idea that something delicious could be made from only a few, quality ingredients. 

After graduating from high school, I took myself to culinary school at the Dublin Institute of Technology. Here my formal training as a chef began, and I obtained my BA in Culinary Arts. Traveling to America was always a dream growing up, so it was the first thing I set out to do after completing my degree.

My first stop in the USA was Napa Valley. I spent many years there learning as much as I possibly could about California cuisine. I loved that California has so many fresh, local products that it made it easy to create lovely food with few, but quality, ingredients, just like my mom did.

Next, this Irish boy packed his knives and moved from the rolling hills of Napa Valley to the hills of Hollywood, Los Angeles, to further my career. LA offered an opportunity to find my place in a city known for artistic creation, as well as to share my passion with the masses by breaking into television!

What I deeply enjoy is taking recipes that seem complicated and intimidating and breaking them down into quick, easy steps for the everyday home cook.

Here you will find loads of lovely recipes that will show your friends that you’re an all star in the kitchen, all while giving you the time and opportunity to enjoy the gathering as well!

Please e-mail me tasty recipes!