Stuart O'Keeffe

Chef & Founder

Chef Stuart is the founder, recipe person, and photo guy for the site. When he first moved from the Emerald Isle to Los Angeles, He pursued a successful career on tv , created an Amazon best seller cookbook called “THE QUICK 6 FIX”, and now he gets to share a ton of his other favorite recipes here at TastyBites. Stuart believes with few ingredients you can create magic at home in your kitchen with your friends and family.  He lives in Los Angeles with his two little Rats (Westies) Jack and BO.

Jason Pinyan

Branding Agent/Endorsements

Jason Pinyan has built a successful 18 year career in the endorsement and branding fields of the entertainment industry.  Representing all types of top talent from actors, writers, musical artists, lifestyle experts, style gurus, chefs, TV hosts, social media stars and fitness pros, his proven track record in the industry for forging partnerships between best corporate brands and talent became his passion. Jason is an active member of the Academy of Television.

Michelle Gifford

Brand Strategist

Michelle Gifford is the founder of a content creation agency that helps influencers, stars and businesses grow their businesses online.  Michelle strategizes blog, Pinterest and email marketing content to grow businesses and increase revenue.

About Chef Stuart

Stuart here! Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out my many yummy recipes. I’m all about getting your quick fix in the kitchen so that you can spend more time at the table enjoying your delicious creation with those you love. If this sounds like your cup of tea, read on…

100 No-Fuss, Full-Flavor Recipes – 6 Ingredients, 6 Minutes Prep, 6 Minutes Clean-Up